How to Piece Peace Together


For our INTFILO class, we were asked to attend a lecture entitled “The Big Lecture: On Promoting Peace” on October 24, 2014. There were three speakers namely, Dr. Jeanne Peracullo, Dr. Rito Baring and Mr. Jose Malbarosa. True to the theme, all of them gave a lecture giving different aspects of peace, peace in regards to the current events concerning the Bangsamoro Law, and how us students and the youth are part of promoting peace in our own way. Unfortunately though, I wasn’t able to hear Mr. Malbarosa’s speech since I needed to leave early to meet someone.

Peace-in-LoveIn Dr. Peracullo’s talk titled “The Sacred in Young Filipino Muslims and Christians in Mindanao”, she proposed to focus peace building through the youth since they are “a substantial block of the Philippine population” with them, according to the National Statistics Office 2012, totaling 92.34 million people in all. However it was also presented that even though most would profess their belief in a god or a supreme being, many still would rather do other things than engage in spiritual activities according to their belief. Another topic tackled in her lecture was if religion is a source of conflict and was answered that it was only partly responsible and that there were other many factors such as culture, politics, and even them feeling marginalized and oppressed. For the conclusion, she said that in relation to peace, scared is one of it’s “pre-conditions” and that “the absence of peace is the lack of experience of the sacred”. She also ended with the note that “it’s all about love”.

Sacred was expounded in Dr. Baring’s talk on “Student’s Attitude Toward The Sacred”. It was started off with an introduction of the Likert Scale world-peaceand how they measured students attitude towards sacred and the results of the study which was conducted to the students of De La Salle University-Manila and Mindanao State University. It resulted to five factors or dimension of which to measure students attitude towards sacred which are a)moral/temporal, b)effective/supernatural, c)interior/personal, d)manifested/visible, and e)practiced/religious. The study has, as it was said, “described a new empirical evidence regarding perspectives about current articulations of the sacred” and also the five dimensions “serve as a new resource for discussions in sacred and peace making in the country”.

Peace is something everyone universally wishes for. Nobody would want otherwise but with all the conflict around us, may it be internal or external, sometimes it’s just too hard to attain it. Just peace within yourself is already hard to achieve, what more with the world as so everybody (jokingly) wishes for whenever asked if what their wish is? Not to start with a pessimistic view but isn’t this “ultimate peace” to far a star to catch? I sure do hope otherwise.

Alfred Nobel

Alfred Nobel

When I was a kid, someone told me that Alfred Nobel, the inventor of the dynamite, added the Nobel Peace Prize for the Nobel Prizes as a compensation for inventing something so destructive. Though I’m not truly sure of the legitimacy of the story, it always had amused me. Just to add, it’s also amusing how people could create conflict as to who receives or not receives the prize just because everyone has different views of peace. Actually, everyone of us have different perspectives on different things. Some coincides with our own but most likely, there would be someone that would clash with your own. It is our own choice to decide to act negatively or positively with these situations and actually, I believe that this is where we could start building peace.


Cliche as it may seem but I still do believe that peace starts within us. I think that we should start with how we respond to our conflicts with other people. How could we resolve every conflict with others as peacefully and diplomatic as possible? What would be the best thing to do without resorting to violence? I admit I’m not really always thinking this when faced in this consequences but I am trying. It’s hard but everything just needs some getting used to I guess. If everyone of us just try all this together we would be getting closer to peace. After all, as one saying says, “If everyone gives one thread, the poor man will have a shirt.”


Me and KatPe :)

Me and KatPe 🙂




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