On October 3,2014, my friends, Steffi and Denise, and I watched Sana Dati, a film by Jerrold Tarog as an alternative class for our INTFILO subject. The thing is, I always had the habit of searching everything about a film that I’m about to watch. So, when Denise got the tickets and told us the movie she picked I immediately searched for it to see what it has to offer for us. To tell the truth, I wasn’t really that thrilled about the premise which was about some runaway bride apparently not moving on from her former lover. I am a fan of the romance genre but something about it mixed with drama isn’t really that much of a thrill for me but some reviews did say that it was a great film so, with me trying to put aside my skepticism for the film, we went on watching it with open minds.


Dennis and Andrea on the rooftop

The film started off with the preparations for Andrea Gonzales and Robert Naval’s wedding. Both of them was to be filmed for the some kind of VTR for the wedding and was asked to tell the story of how they met each other. It resulted to Andrea being too unenthusiastic telling their story and Robert being just so happy with meeting her. While filming, Andrea seemed to have noticed that Dennis Ceasario, the videographer, knows a little too much about her. She then finds out that he is actually the brother of Andrew Ceasario, Andrea’s former lover.

While her wedding was stalled by her sister getting the shoes she was supposed to wear, she and Dennis went to the rooftop and talked about his late brother Andrew and her relationship with him. This was conjoined with different flashbacks of her memories of Andrew leaving her to have second thoughts about her marriage with Robert and really delaying the wedding with everyone trying to look for her. She was eventually found by Robert and the wedding was pursued with their enthusiasm mirroring the enthusiasm for their VTR stories. At the wedding’s reception, Dennis was given a note saying “After the reception, let’s get out of here.” He however just left without her leaving Andrea crying all by herself.

Andrea's blue doll shoes

Andrea’s blue doll shoes

With more flashbacks, Andrea went to Andrew’s grave with intentions of leaving everything about her former relationship with him including his love letter, the engagement ring he gave her, and all other memorabilia inside a shoebox. While leaving the grave, she finds Robert standing there waiting for her and tells her that he knew about them. Andrea asked about how he found out but he just replied that he’ll be telling her in the car. They drove away and it is seen that she left her blue doll shoes, the one she wore for her wedding and is actually a gift from Andrew, on the curb of the driveway. She then held Robert’s hand and told him she loved him. Robert replied asking her if it’s true and Andrea just squeezed his hand and looked out the window.


Andrea and Andrew

One thing I could say is that the film certainly did not disappoint. I couldn’t believe that a movie with such a seemingly cliche plot could deliver such events and emotions that certainly gives the viewer something that they could hold onto even after the film. The movie’s just too real with the scenes and the actors and actresses’ portrayals really gave justice to the story’s characters. It’s cinematography and the way it was shot and edited too also contributed to the film’s greatness. It truly is an amazing film.

images (1)

Robert (right) and Dennis (left)

A character I really liked was Robert. I just really felt sad for him throughout the film since the woman whom he really did seem devoted to was actually still hung up on the past. He was really in love with her and his wedding vow to Andrea was just really heartfelt. What added more was the fact that Mr. Jerrold Tarog said that the vow was written with his own feelings toward his ex-girlfriend in mind and that just left me in awe. One part of the speech was him saying that even though he’s just so unsure of everything, he was sure about her. He was so much of a character to feel for even though he had minimum scenes and I just really felt for him too. Much much more with the finale in which gave an ambivalent ending with Andrea just looking out the window when asked if her words are sincere. When asked about it, Mr. Tarog was just as ambiguous as the film but just gave the hint that one of the last scenes was the answer. A theory we thought of was Andrea leaving her doll shoes which was a gift from Andrew symbolizing her moving on from him. I really do believe and hope that it is and just wanted happiness for this fictional couple.

The movie was certainly something. Mr. Tarog is certainly proved his greatness as a director in this film. The character development of the main characters was just right and it really gave us something to look forward to with every minute of the film. Don’t take my words for it though as I feel that this post didn’t gave justice to how well-crafted the film is. See it for yourself and be ready to get on this emotional roller coaster of a film.

Me, Denise, and Steffi :)

Me, Denise, and Steffi 🙂

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