Cyberfriendship: Companionship within Cyberspace


How would you consider a person as your friend? In answering this, I’m sure that you would look back and think of how you’d become friends with the people you’re close with right now. You might say that you consider them as friends because you are always with them or at least you are always talking to them. Another answer is that they all know your lovetrisecrets and that you could always confide in them no matter what. You could get so many other responses but everything comes down to one thing: connection. We derive friendship from this simple thing. You become friends with someone because you are connected to them physically and mentally in the most platonic way possible. According to Robert Sternberg’s Triangular Theory of Love, friendship involves at least intimacy and companionship is that mended with commitment. I do think that those things are the most basic foundations of friendship. As Sternberg also said, true friendship involves intimate liking of people in which both parties experience bondedness, warmth, and closeness to one another platonically. For this, I think connection is vital to achieve this kind of state since without connection, how else could you feel this with another person?

The question is though, is it possible for people to feel this legitimate friendship from someone they just met in cyberspace? Is it enough of a connection to achieve this state of friendship?





On October 3,2014, my friends, Steffi and Denise, and I watched Sana Dati, a film by Jerrold Tarog as an alternative class for our INTFILO subject. The thing is, I always had the habit of searching everything about a film that I’m about to watch. So, when Denise got the tickets and told us the movie she picked I immediately searched for it to see what it has to offer for us. (more…)

How to Piece Peace Together


For our INTFILO class, we were asked to attend a lecture entitled “The Big Lecture: On Promoting Peace” on October 24, 2014. There were three speakers namely, Dr. Jeanne Peracullo, Dr. Rito Baring and Mr. Jose Malbarosa. True to the theme, all of them gave a lecture giving different aspects of peace, peace in regards to the current events concerning the Bangsamoro Law, and how us students and the youth are part of promoting peace in our own way. Unfortunately though, I wasn’t able to hear Mr. Malbarosa’s speech since I needed to leave early to meet someone. (more…)

Just Human

Jake Sully and His Avatar

Just a week or so ago, our professor in our INTFILO class showed us the 2009 James Cameron film “Avatar”. I never really had watched that film before so I was pretty excited to finally be able to watch it and it certainly did not disappoint. Just the visuals would have you watching it until the end and leaving you no  doubt as to why the film was really popular back when it was released. This journal however is not for a review of the technicals of the film, the questions it raised is what is worth noting about.

In the film, Earth’s resources had been severely depleted and one alternative resource they found was unobtanium, a Avatar Postervaluable mineral, found on the moon called Pandora. There are however natives called Na’vis residing there but the humans in the film have tried co-existing with them. They used “avatars”, a kind of  “suit” used to pose as a Na’vi and further explore Pandora. The main protagonist, Jake Sully, was found as a replacement for his dead twin brother who was supposed to have an avatar and be one of the teams who’d explore Pandora. Avatars are specially made for a specific person but since their genetic makeup is most likely to be similar, he could use it. As they were exploring Pandora, Jake was abducted by the natives and was brought into the society. (more…)